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Simple, fluent automated testing for web applications.

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Fast, easy automation test creation, execution and management.

v3.0 Released!

Just a quick note to mention on Sunday I pushed v3.0 RTM to NuGet.

Check it out, doc updates coming soon! Sorry for the delay, its been a rough month.

Install-Package FluentAutomation  
Install-Package FluentAutomation.SeleniumWebDriver


Install-Package FluentAutomation.WatiN  

The Journey to v3.0

Late February '14 -- while I was thinking over the featureset for v2.4 -- Scott Hanselman blogged about web automation. He has visited this topic several times in the past, always an advocate for end-to-end testing via browser automation. Scott talks through testing in the cloud and shows his… Read More

Fluent v2.3 Released

I've finally had time to finish up a few features that I have had cooking for awhile and while doing that added some more! Changelog (details after): First-class support for PageObjects New Expect behavior, Assert added (not immediately breaking) Action and Expect chaining - More fluent! Access to WebDriver/WatiN… Read More

Looking back at 2013

A lot of things have happened in my life this year, good and bad. I thought I'd take a moment to get it out of my head. I've been told its helpful to do this so let's find out. scriptcs Early this year, a new project popped into life --… Read More

FluentAutomation REPL Goodness

After Vagif Abilov (@ooobject) put together a short tutorial on using FluentAutomation with the scriptcs REPL, I decided to finally follow through with my early ideas of a downloadable automation REPL. It can be a very very powerful thing, to have a concise automation language and instant control of the… Read More

FluentAutomation + scriptcs

I first noticed scriptcs back in March '13 -- It was immediately obvious that this could be a game changer in many ways. It wasn't the first attempt at C# scripting but it had a solid group working on it and gained momentum quickly. To test it out, I created… Read More